Car Rental Kota Kinabalu

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Extra hour shall be charged at 10% of the daily rate per hour. 6 hours extra consider full day rental.
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Car Model Daily Weekly Monthly Action
Car Rental SabahAxia 1.0 (A) or Similar RM 120.00 RM 672.00 RM 2880.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahMyvi 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 129.00 RM 722.40 RM 3096.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahSaga FLX 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 130.00 RM 728.00 RM 3120.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahBezza 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 138.00 RM 772.80 RM 3312.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahMyvi 1.5 (A) or Similar SE RM 149.00 RM 834.40 RM 3576.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahAlza 1.5 (A) or Similar RM 179.00 RM 1002.40 RM 4296.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahAvanza 1.5 (A) or Similar RM 189.00 RM 1058.40 RM 4536.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahExora 1.6 (A) or Similar RM 219.00 RM 1226.40 RM 5256.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahInnova 2.0 (A) or Similar RM 269.00 RM 1506.40 RM 6456.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahUrvan 3.0 (M) or Similar RM 279.00 RM 1562.40 RM 6696.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahStarex Royale 2.5 (A) or Similar RM 459.00 RM 2570.40 RM 11016.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahFortuner 2.5 (A) or Similar RM 550.00 RM 3080.00 RM 13200.00Book Now
Car Rental SabahVellfire 2.4 (A) or Similar RM 799.00 RM 4474.40 RM 19176.00Book Now